A 6-week Self- Mastery Program

To help you decode your emotions, release disempowering beliefs, and connect with your inner power to create the life & career of your dreams
You’re NOT born to live an ordinary life. In fact, you are anything but ordinary. And the good thing? You know this about yourself too.
  • You’ve had flashes of this powerful vision for your life – a life of freedom, travel, joy, adventure and fulfilling relationships.
  • You really want to be yourself, fully EXPRESS your thoughts, and change lives with your light wisdom.
  • You want to become an impact-creator and leave your mark in the world. You are so ready to IGNITE your life.

The problem is….

Right now, you’re nowhere close to your dream
And it shows up something like this:
  • You often act a certain way or say things that don’t feel good just to keep the peace
  • You hold yourself back and end up compromising a bit too much, so people are not intimidated by you
  • You are scared to rock the boat and lose relationships if you don’t give too much to everyone around you
  • You are going through the motions but you feel disconnected from yourself and your bigger purpose in life

How do I know?

And here is what I learnt my dear :
Living multiple lives and personas is the
On the other hand, your ability to be your true self is your
Ignite Your Spark Program connects you back to your own inner source of power, your truth.

Let's start where we are, shall we?

Let’s start by accepting that you are the co-creator of your reality. If you have to change your life, you are going to have to do it! You are going to have to get back in the driver’s seat and steer your life to where you want to be!

Want to learn how to do that?
The Ignite Your Spark program is the place to start your journey of self-master.

Here's What You Learn

Breakthrough Age-Old Societal conditioning

In this module, you will learn tools to understand where you are in life currently and an understanding of the impact your environment has had on you, so you can see the masks you are wearing clearly and throw off the ones that don't serve you

Decode & Master Your emotions

I will take you through my unique emotional iceberg model to help you decode why you feel what you feel and then learn a powerful process to reset your emotions, so you can rewire your emotional landscape completely

Rewrite Your Story

Learn a simple framework to identify disempowering beliefs that make you play small and how to release these stories, to make you unstoppable in the pursuit of your dreams.

Shadow Work & Your Archetype

In this Module, I will take you through my comprehensive self - discovery exercise. This will help you identify your core values and your inherent strengths. Your life will never be the same again.

Discover Yourself

I will take you through my unique emotional iceberg model to help you decode why you feel what you feel and then learn a powerful process to reset your emotions, so you can rewire your emotional landscape completely



Unlock Financial Abundance
[Value: 100$]:
This digital training will help you identify and remove all blocks around money, growth & success If you’re not where you want to be financially, chances are…you’re a victim of your subconscious beliefs. The stories embedded in your head keep you stuck (and underearning). Let me help you change that FOR GOOD.


Creating Healthy Boundaries
[Value: 100$]:
It is our ability or inability to set boundaries that determines the health of our relationships. This module will be a game-changer for you in creating healthy and fulfilling relationships (both personal + professional).


60 minutes 1:1 Power Coaching call with Me
[Value: $300]:
This session will be all about you and what you need help with the MOST right now. Many clients have shared that this one power coaching call alone has been life changing for them.

What you can use this 1:1 call with me for ?

We’re talking:
  • Putting the spark back into your relationships
  • Renewed vigour for your purpose and business
  • Implementing the ideas, you’ve been sitting on for years
  • Attracting new clients with ease
  • Renewed hope for life and your big beautiful goals
To say the least, you will not be the same person after our 60 minutes together.

It's a NO - Brainer really !!

Start 2023 with a bang!!
ENROLL FOR THIS $275 or RS. 20,000

NOTE: Prices go up soon. I’m running this offer to help you start 2023 with a bang

Here’s what you get:

  1. 20 Videos with potent content which make this complex material really simple for you.
  2. 18 workbooks to hand hold each step of the way to self-mastery.
  3. Bonus – Digital Course – Financial Abundance – 2 hours of videos with exercises and self-work
  4. Bonus – Digital Course – How to set healthy boundaries – A must learn for a drama- free and aligned life.
  5. Deep Dive into your personal challenges and action planning and lots more
  6. Assignments to integrate the changes into your life
  7. Curated videos and tools
  8. Exclusive Facebook group for added support
  9. Special Offers and exciting discounts to my other programs which i only share on the Ignite Your Spark Facebook group.

Oh hey! My Name is Alpa Kapadia Teli and I am your Inner Transformation Catalyst.

Through a wide variety of modalities and tools, I help Leaders & Coaches go from where they are to where they desire to be – earning fabulously by doing what they love and creating a legacy.
Holistic Transformation is all about working at the intellectual, emotional and spiritual level. I help people transform their relationship with themselves and with wealth, so they can open up for receiving MORE and finally manifest their dreams effortlessly.
Just like I did it for myself.

Featured in:

But things were WAY different a few years ago. I was in a high – profile corporate role as an HR leader, with a Multi – National Company, one husband, 2 kids, home at a snazzy address. Life should have been perfect, except that it wasn’t.
  • Life was picture perfect on the outside, but I was dying inside.
  • I could not have a conversation without tears welling up.
  • I felt overwhelmed just managing my day to day life. Just making it through the day seemed like an achievement
  • I became what I had vowed I would never become as a mother – a screamer!
  • I didn’t find the time for my growth as i was always in fire-fighting mode
  • I was always forgetting something or the other
  • I had put on 20 pounds
  • My skin was 3 shades darker, eyes dull, skin was pale.
  • I did not recognise myself in the mirror
  • I was living in guilt, bitterness and resentment most of my days.
  • I seriously thought that maybe, life was supposed to feel THIS hard.
Until… I took charge of my life, mastered my Inner Energy, my emotions, my stories, I had heard – We see the world not as it is but as we are. But I finally experienced it. As I faced all the decisions and circumstances in my life that I was avoiding, I invested in myself like there was no tomorrow. And I slowly started my journey back to being ME. It was the longest and most challenging journey I have undertaken, but it has been the most rewarding.
    I didn’t change anything in my outer world. I just changed my inner energy. And with that shift, my outer world completely fell in place.
  • I raised my standards
  • Set Tight Boundaries in relationships
  • Mastered my emotions
  • Changed my beliefs
  • Invested in myself
I have decoded my process and developed tools that I used and which I put together from 1000 books and hundreds of hours of video content and my own experience and knowledge.

This is for you if:

This is not for you if:

No matter where you are in your life and what you desire, I can help you too! Hundreds of participants in Ignite Your Spark have had mind blowing results!!

Here are a few

You owe it to yourself to live your full life, a life that is fuelled by your dreams and vision. If you'd like to create the mind-set of a person who is Radiant and Successful and has a beautiful, healthy nurturing relationship with themselves and others, and is living a life according to their terms, is able to rise above their circumstances and achieve their dreams, then this is one of the most important workshops you will ever attend.
I know you can do this. You’ve suffered too long, it doesn't need to be like this.

Reshma (Trainer)
It was one of a kind workshop, with all feminine energy minus the distractions. Flow of the workshop was smooth, well controlled, time integrity was brilliant. Realization is that all these qualities are required in day to day life to accomplish what I need to accomplish.

Priyal B (Kalpataru Realities)
It was refreshing to know my inner strengths and evils and strengthen or overcome it.

Lavina Bhatia (Entrepreneur)
The experience was fabulous. Got to know so many insights about our own true self. Our strengths and beliefs and what we want to achieve in our life.

Aartii Khuraana
It’s been a very enriching day, it’s made me look into my own life to see my own values and gifts and help me achieve my goals. I think all women should do this workshop. It was an awakening experience for me. I am going to recommend to all my women friends to do this

Sonali Mehta
This workshop has really nudged me to think deep about my life, it is a course which gets you a little uncomfortable in the beginning because it makes you face the elephant in the room. But unless you catch the bull by the horns, you are never going to ride it. This is going to be a game changer for women, please keep up the good work

Udita (Entrepreneur)
It was a wonderful and quite a thought-provoking workshop. A lot to take and work upon ourselves. Mainly needs to focus on our hidden talents and virtues and then work upon it. SO much to learn from each one of the participants.

Nirali (Godrej Agrovet)
Experience was good overall. Most importantly, self-discovery was the one thing I wanted at this time in my life. Thank you Alpa, Meenu & Priyanka.

Vishwa Mehta
- Please accept my sincere thanks for an excellent support provided by you in organising a fun filled, intellectually rich and reflection-based workshop. The centre facilities were excellent and the support provided by your staff was really outstanding. Your efforts contributed substantially to the quality of the workshop. The effectiveness of the exchange was enhanced by the professionalism displayed by you all. I believe this workshop was one of the most productive. Thank you for your gracious hospitality and professionalism.

I got so much clarity after this workshop and the visualisations were just amazing. I wish it was longer, I loved the energy and content. I could not imagine how so much can be achieved in so little time. I am going to recommend this to my close friends.

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